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ECVO Eye Examination

Examination for inherited eye defects

Members of the German Longhair Club who wish to use their bitch or dog for breeding are required to have their dog examined for hereditary eye defects.

Not every veterinarian is allowed to perform an ECVO eye examination. This is because the veterinarian who performs the clinical examination must be part of the (Dutch) ECVO panel. He performs the examination according to a fixed protocol. Based on the examination, he determines the result.

At which vets?

The veterinarians who are allowed to perform an ECVO eye examination can be found on the site of the Raad van Beheer. Some of these veterinarians are recognized as specialists in ophthalmology in the Netherlands (NL-spec.) or as European specialists (Diplomate, Dip. ECVO).

The main purpose of the ECVO eye examination is to help diagnose and control eye disorders. These are conditions that are either disabling, painful or seriously affect the dog's well-being. They may also include conditions that may require surgical intervention and/or lifelong medication.

The result of the ECVO examination is valid for 12 months (mating must take place within 12 months of the last result). Point 8 of the ECVO examination (LPA) needs to be tested only once in the life of the dog. Results of point 8, if final, therefore do not need to be repeated. Changes in the evaluation criteria or terminology in the results will be adjusted immediately in the score table. Still valid results will remain valid according to the terminology used at the date of assessment.