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Association breeding regulations (VFR)

Below is the current version of the Association Breeding Regulations (VFR) of the German Longhair Club (DLC). The (amended) VFR was adopted by the General Assembly of the DLC on April 9, 2024 and approved by the Dutch Kennel Club on April 22, 2024. In view of the approval by the Board of Directors, this PFR entered into force on 1 May 2024.

Principles and explanation of the Association Breeding Regulations

Every breed club affiliated with the Dutch Kennel Club is obliged to draw up a VFR according to the format Verenigingsfokreglement van de Raad van Beheer. The VFR applies to all members affiliated with the DLC. Breeders / Kennels that are affiliated with the DLC and meet the conditions of the VFR can be found here.

The articles relevant to the VFR in the Kynological Regulations (KR), or the Basic Regulations for Welfare & Health (BWG), have been adopted by a majority of votes by the associations affiliated to the Board of Directors. These articles are, by definition, mandatory.

It is then up to the breed club, in this case the German Longhair Club (DLC), to make articles heavier and/or to add new articles. However, these may not be in conflict with the WFD. The DLC has taken advantage of that possibility. The VFR thus drawn up was approved by the Board of Directors after approval by the General Assembly of the DLC.

Compliance monitoring and sanctions policy

Compliance with the KR is controlled by the Board of Directors. Compliance with the VFR is controlled by the breed association. Violation can lead to sanctions ranging from an official warning to expulsion as a member of the breed association. In addition to one of the aforementioned sanctions, the board of the breed association is entitled to report to the Disciplinary Tribunal for Canine Science. This can only be done when acting in violation of the provisions of this VFR in paragraphs 2 (Breeding rules), 3 (Welfare rules) and 4 (Health rules, with the exception of the disqualifying faults mentioned therein, which do not concern health aspects by which the health and welfare of the offspring can be endangered).

Association breeding regulations (VFR)