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Elbow Dysplasia (ED)

ElbowDysplasia (ED) is a condition that also occurs in German Longhairs.

We talk about ED when one of the following conditions is present in an elbow joint:

  • OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans): the loosening of a piece of cartilage of the upper arm.
  • LPC (Los processus coronoidus): the loosening of a piece of bone from the ulna.
  • LPA (Los processus anconeus): loosening of a piece of bone at a different location of the ulna.
  • Incongruence: a joint that does not "fit" properly due to an ulna that is too long or too short in relation to the radius.

There may also be multiple conditions in a joint.

Elbow dysplasia, ED
Pictured is an LPC (Los Processus Coronoideus): a loose piece of bone from the ulna in the elbow joint.

Consequences ED

Each of the aforementioned abnormalities leads to osteoarthritis after several months. Osteoarthritis is characterized by:

  • Changes of the joint (bone reactions) that may occur during the disease process.
  • The permanence of change.
  • Start pain: lame steps just after getting up.
  • 'Walking through it': walking better after some time.
  • A relapse after much exertion.

Characterization rash

In determining severity, the standards of the "International Elbow Working Group" are followed. The worst joint determines the final score.

Several outcomes are possible:

  • Free
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3

For more information on ED, visit the Dutch Kennel Club's site.