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Champion club match 2024

The German Longhair Club (DLC) will hold its Champion Clubmatch (KCM) in Apeldoorn on Sunday, June 23, 2024. The KCM will be held at the Apeldoornse KC, Polderweg 5, 7327 GX Apeldoorn. Sufficient parking is available on the premises. Judge for both males and females is Mr. Wil Hochstenbach (NL). Registration is now open via

For further information about the championship club match, please contact the exhibition committee if you wish:

Program Championship Clubmatch 2024

09.15 hr - Reception of the dogs
09.45 hr - Short explanation and ring training
10.30 hr. - Start of judging followed by final judging

  • Free online catalog;
  • Free parking;
  • Inspection and inspection report from a breed specialist;
  • Opportunity to win a CAC or a double CAC
Champion club match trophy