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54th Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP) 2024

From October 10 to 13, 2024, the 54th Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP) of Deutsch Langhaar will be held in the areas around Volkach (D).
Longhairs meeting specific criteria will have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in field and water work. In addition, their conformation will be judged during the event.

Conditions Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP).

One or two members of the German Longhair Club (DLC), whose dog meets the conditions, have the opportunity to secure a spot for theSchorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP). To participate in the Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP), at least the following conditions must be met:

  • the dog must have passed the VJP and HZP by 2024. Registration options can be found here;
  • the dog must have "Härtenachweis" and "Lautnachweis";
  • the dog's forager must hold a valid hunting license;
  • the dog must have been vaccinated for rabies;
  • the dog must have at least "good" on conformation'
  • the dog must have been examined for HD (x-rays);
  • The dog must be suitable for breeding;

In order to register the dog for the Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP) by the DLC, the above criteria must be met. Registration for members of the DLC is handled exclusively by the president of the DLC, Yme Drost. Please feel free to contact him directly at 06-53144217 or with any questions . Questions about the content of German gundog trials can also be addressed to our member Albert Oplaat. Albert Oplaat is a German judge.

Multi-day trial

The Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP) is a multi-day trial with a "Zuchtschau", field and water work in the area around Volkach (D). The Schorlemer trial concludes with a festive evening, where the president and/or representatives of the German Longhair associations from the participating countries will also be present.

Schorlemer Herbstzuchtprüfung (HZP).
Yme Drost sends Int. champ. Taiga v.h. Westervlier (HN, Btr., VJP, HZP, VGP-I, CW'06, WW'06) into the water, under the watchful eye of Gert Schut.