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Born litters DLC

Below you will find the born litters of German Longhairs that meet the requirements - laid down in the VFR - of the German Longhair Club. Litters that do not meet the VFR are not published on this page.

Unfortunately, there are litters that do not comply with the Association's Breeding Regulations (VFR). For example, there is unfortunately breeding with German Longhairs that are not tested for HD (hip dysplasia), SKK (the hereditary form of thyroid cancer that mostly affects young dogs) or ECVO (eye diseases). There is also breeding with dogs that are too old, for example, and breeding with dogs that inherit the wrong color.

Prevent problems

Prevent (health) problems, therefore buy only puppies that meet the requirements of the Association Regulations of the German Longhair Club. Buy a puppy from a recognized breeder of the German Longhair Club.

Born litters:

Still 2 male puppies available