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Yellow gene

DNA test for the color yellow

The color yellow (from the yellow gene) is not desired in the breed German Longhair. It is a color not approved for the breed (NEK).

A DNA test can determine whether the dog is free (EE), carrier (ee) or affected (ee). A German Longhair which is affected (ee), is uniformly yellow. Most likely this mutation has its origin in non purebred breeding. If Longhairs are crossed with each other that are both brown and both carry the yellow gene (ee), then both brown (approx. 50%) and yellow puppies (approx. 50%) will result. The association is currently investigating the origin of this gene.

To prevent this gene from spreading further in the breed, only EE dogs may be bred to. For all breed associations affiliated with the WeltVerband Deutsch Langhaar the rule applies that no breeding is allowed with Longhairs that are carrier (Ee) or affected (ee).

Longhairs with the yellow gene (ee)